Why Hire a Calligrapher?

I could go on and on about the importance of hiring a calligrapher, but to keep it simple I have listed the four biggies here :)! Before I begin I want to say invitations are more than just a piece of paper that get thrown away! They are one of the items you will purchase for your wedding day that you can truly customized and will last beyond your wedding! Now that we have that out of the way we can dive into the other four major reasons!


I remember planning my own wedding – at first, I was SO excited to get started (I purchased the wedding planning binder, so many magazines, and started an inspiration board on Pinterest)! Although I loved planning my wedding, I remember how my to-do list never seemed to get shorter, I would cross off one thing and add another! I convinced myself I would do (almost) everything DIY to save money – and I did! But it came at a cost: TIME!

I wasted so much time trying to get everything perfect - turning this fun life experience into a chore! Not to mention, the hours I spent addressing envelopes and assembling my invitations. I don’t want this for you – so please delegate where you feel comfortable! The process will feel more enjoyable and come with a lot less headaches.

Investing in a calligrapher is a big time-saver and one thing you can cross off your to do list for good! Leaving you feeling confident that the end result will be something beautiful that represents you as a coupe!


the technical stuff

There is more that goes into your wedding stationery than just the text or hand lettering on the invitation. Such as finding a quality printer, selecting the best paper type, understanding the printer’s terminology so your invitation prints properly, address etiquette, sourcing your envelopes, and more.

Instead of taking a crash course in the printing process (everyone’s favorite activity while planning a wedding), why not hire a calligrapher who has this down to a science? Hiring a calligrapher will be more efficient, will keep your timeline on track, will save you countless hours reading about the printing process, and will save wasted ink, paper, and paper jams! Leave it to the professional to get it perfect!



My grandma always told me “good things come in small packages” her example she’d give was dynamite! That is how I view wedding calligraphy - it is that little detail that makes a big and lasting impression on your guests! Your guests might not remember the shoes you wore, the type of chairs they sat in, or the table linens; but they will remember seeing their name written beautifully on their envelopes or welcoming them to their seat.

When comparing your calligrapher to all your other vendors, it is likely to be the least expensive vendor with one of the biggest impacts! Your guests will leave feeling that you thought about every detail – including them! Your photographer and you will be thrilled how this simple detail elevated your wedding photos (which you will have for a lifetime to remember)! Calligraphy gives you the opportunity to show off your personal style as a couple and stand out from every other wedding! Not to mention a calligrapher is vendor you can continue to use even after your wedding day…ya know, for those holiday cards you send out every year, or maybe even a birth announcement!



Your wedding day is one of the most wonderful days of your life and every detail deserves special attention. What other event in your life will you have the opportunity to showcase you as a couple? None. So why not have fun planning the details and wow your guests with custom invitations?!

Ready to check one more thing off you wedding to do list and leave the stress behind?

Let me create something that shows off your style as a couple and leaves your guests wowed!



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