The Anatomy of a Traditional Invitation


Understanding the basics of an invitation layout is important when selecting the wording for your invitation. I have broken the invitation layout down in to six simple parts to help guide you! These rules are for traditional invitations and (in my opinion) made to be broken to fit your style and voice!


01. HOST

This is where you describe who is hosting. Traditionally the brides parent’s hosted, but more commonly all parties (including the couple) are hosting (aka paying)!

02. Request Line

Traditionally this line is used to denote the type of venue the wedding will be held at. The phrase “pleasure of your company” refers to a non-church venue. The phrase “honour of your presence” refers to a church venue.

03. Bride + Groom

Traditionally the bride is listed first. The bride’s first + middle name are used if her parents are hosting. The groom’s first + middle + last name are used unless his parents are hosting.

04. Date + TIME

The day of the week is before the date. Traditionally, everything is written out. Noon to 4:30pm is considered afternoon. 5:00pm or later is considered evening.



05. Location

The full address is only used if the wedding takes places at a private address. City and State should be written out, with no abbreviations.

06. Reception

If the ceremony + reception are in the same location it is common to use the phrase”reception to follow.” If they are held in separate locations, list the location on the second line after “reception to follow.”

Now that you know the rules of a traditional wedding invitation, you can decide where to break them! Be sure to check out my sample invitation wording guide to see some examples of traditional and non-traditional invitations!

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