9 Tips for Selecting the Right Wedding Vendors

With so many wedding vendors to choose from it can be hard selecting the right vendors for you wedding day. You want the best working for you on your wedding day to make sure everything goes perfectly! Here are some tips for selecting the right vendors for you.

Take Recommendations Lightly

We all love our friends and value their opinions, but when it comes to wedding planning you need to pick vendors who get you! There is no one caterer, DJ, or photographer who is perfect for everyone. You might have wonderful friends but with completely different tastes and personalities, leading you to vendors who are not compatible with you. Plus, if you use all the same vendors, your wedding won’t be uniquely you!

Know What You Want

Have a clear idea of what you want from your vendors, weather it is amenities at a venue, photography style, or genre of music for your band to play. Knowing what you want in a vendor will help you weigh your wish list against their options. It will help you determine if your expectations are realistic and where you are willing to compromise.  Most importantly, it will help your narrow down your vendor options pretty quickly!

First Impressions Matter

Be cautious of vendors who present themselves poorly during your initial contact. Did they take a while to respond to your inquiry or phone call? Did they show up to a meeting late or dressed unprofessionally? Did they invite you to see their work at someone else’s wedding? If yes, then take those as warning signs that they might have poor follow-up with you during the planning process, might be late to the wedding and dressed unprofessionally, or worse yet they might invite strangers to your wedding…

Look for a Diverse Portfolio

Finding a vendor with a strong diverse portfolio shows you they are an expert in their field. If they are able to amaze you with a style opposite of yours then imagine how amazed you will be when they work with your style!

Look at Your Venues Preferred Vendor List

Preferred vendors typically have a strong relationship with one another, they know about any shortcomings one might have. For example, the caterer might need more prep space than the venue offers. So in order to deliver their best product they do some prep work in their kitchen prior to arriving at the venue. Or the DJ might know the best places to place lights and the best sound level for the speeches and music.  However, if you have any doubts about the vendors talk with the venue managers or past clients.

Chat With Recent Clients

Once you've narrowed down your list of potential vendors, ask to talk to a few of the couples they've worked with in the past year. This way you will get the scoop on their current employees and how they conduct themselves.

Hire People Who Accept Your Budget

No matter your budget you want a team of vendors who can work within any budget. A team of experts who can help you determine if your wishes are within budget, or if there is a savvy budget trick to help you stay on budget and still get the same look and feel you are after!

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

If you are unhappy with a vendor or they are not meeting your expectations, talk to them (when you have had a chance to cool down…!). In the end you are their client and if they are not able to meet your needs, offer a reasonable solution, or react unprofessionally then don’t be afraid to walk away! On your wedding day the last thing you want is tension between you and a vendor.

Consult with an Expert

Talk with a wedding planner! Wedding planners know the industry, the area, and the vendors. They have worked with the vendors one-on-one and have seen their product. They will not recommend any vendor who is not of high quality because they know they are only as good as their worst vendor!

For vendor referrals in the Seattle area, contact me! I would be glad to help!