Find Your Style


It’s your wedding day – so, let’s showcase you as a couple – I mean after all, it is a day all about YOU!! But first, you’ll need define your stationery style! To kick off my design process, all my client’s complete a simple questionnaire to get us started on the right path! I’ve listed some of my questions here to help you find your style as well!



  1. Do you like calligraphy with a romantic feel, a more modern playful style, or something more modern and clean?

  2. Do you tend to lean towards formal, playful or simple fonts?


  1. Do you like vibrant colors or subtle neutrals?

  2. Do you have a color palate in mind?

  3. Do you like high contrast or similar tones?


Wedding Style:

  1. Are you inviting everyone (large affair) or a small intimate group?

  2. How would you describe the look and feel of your wedding?


  1. Do you like floral, venue drawings, or geometric graphics?

  2. Do you like watercolor, simple line drawings, or bold solid graphics?


Paper and Embellishments:

  1. Do you like handmade paper or traditional card stock?

  2. Do you like foil or letterpress?

  3. Do you prefer something more modern like acrylic, leather, transparent paper?


Still feeling overwhelmed with designing a cohesive wedding style? I get it! I have been there, and want to help save you time and headaches! Showcasing a couple’s style is what I do! So, if you have questions about your wedding stationery feel free to reach out to me! I am happy to help!



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